Interfaith Prayers and Blessings

A Buddhist Prayer & Blessing

On this day, as we celebrate the healing relationship between faith and feminism, may all the great teachers of the Buddha-Dharma, beginning with the Buddha Shakyamuni, inspire us to let the profoundly healing feminine capacity of wisdom infuse and inform our lives for the benefit of all.  In Buddhist teachings, wisdom realizing our true Buddha-nature, is symbolized by the female form.  May all of us embodied in this form, tap into this deepest and most profound resource in order to liberate all beings from suffering, and to usher us into our most genuine state of aliveness, clarity, freedom, and boundless joy.   ~Dr. Pilar Jennings, Tibetan Buddhist

A UCC Prayer and Blessing 

May the Holy Spirit fill those gathered for Feminism in Faith, just as on the day of Pentecost.  Celebrating the gifts of all genders from all faiths, march boldly and courageously in sacred solidarity for the sake of humanity and the healing of creation.   ~Rev. Craig Hoffman, UCC Pastor

An Episcopal Prayer and Blessing

We bless you, Holy One, for the marvelous diversity of women, of many ages and faiths, races and backgrounds, genders and sexualities, abilities, needs, passions and stories. Help us to see and honor your image in each of our sisters, as well as our brothers. Fill us with fierce and tender love for one another and for your whole creation. Grant us good companions, courage and joy in the long struggle for justice and wholeness. Help us to offer our gifts boldly, to support one another generously, and never to lose heart. Bless and inspire the work we do, for the healing of the world.  Amen.  ~The Rev. Elizabeth G. Maxwell, Rector, the Church of the Ascension

A Zen Prayer and Blessing

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ (in union), the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!”

 2 Corinthians 5:17 

As a woman of color I will claim my rightful seat at the table. Knowing that this country was not created with me in mind. But here I stand, on the shoulders of giants, trusting that when we call ourselves feminist, we are calling forth a wave of healers from every race, every religion, every background. Viewing every hurt, every injustice every time we see our fellow human being as the other as a way of the past. All beings transformed and created new through the power and the presence of God. Gone are the days of feeling like we have to have all of the answers before we can move forward. If you are present you are prepared! – Tanya Birl-Torres of SoHumanity 

“We are taking our history with us and moving forward into the promise land. America was never for all of us so we will forge forward and make America new.” ~ Zen Priestess Rev. Angel Kyoto Williams